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New Hands

2014-06-07 12:31:26 by loves2spew

Well, this account has been passed to better hands. The shitty paint art makes me mad, but at least I now have a place to dump my music and work on short stories.


So um, hi!

new artwork pack!

2011-01-27 12:18:21 by loves2spew

i just updated 4 new epic pieces of art! buy fast now!(destructo box pun:3)


2010-11-26 15:00:12 by loves2spew

YEY i am learning anime(today is the third day of drawing) and i am not half bad

people have have been ignoring my account and stuff so please PM or something



2010-11-21 11:07:20 by loves2spew

So good news list:
1.trimesters worst grade(for school)B-
2.I got the hang of the cheap-assed scratch movie program(can't send to NG because they are sc files!)
3.I got the games factory 2 NG edition
Yeah, bad news:
1.THE GAMES FACTORY IS FUCKING HARD TO UNDERSTAND(the tutorial really is no help at all so i need to teach myself) cousins compuer got hacked when i was going to give him a download link(since he is comp man) for tgf so he could help me a bit but yeah, they got hacked and later got swarmed with porno screens.

So yeah in TGF im working on demos to get a feel to make my hopeful GAME SERIES'

keep in touch(btw hints on TGF would be nice)
Keep on spewin!

epic stick

2010-10-17 20:32:56 by loves2spew

sweet cakes!

my new crap has been dumped into my toilet of an account!


so here we now have epic stick, the worlds most epic stick!(other than Mr.Red, of course)

so plese view, and review or something!



2010-09-20 21:56:37 by loves2spew

so im tired of having that crap on my front page so uh im not very popular on NG and im hoping to change that with my TECHNO KIT coming soon so sit tight and wait for awesome music

finally banner done

2010-08-02 23:51:53 by loves2spew

damn making the banner was a pain.. it took me 13 trys to get an exactly 770 pixel wide banner using paint

btw how to make art crap using paint, just save an online photo and load it in paint, erase it all and draw!!!!!! click save as and the name and you have a paint jpg.

see joo latah

oh btw im making a hyrule zelda sword drawing that WONT SUCK!

in spew we trust

check this out

2010-07-25 23:18:22 by loves2spew

come look at these picsclick here

art work is here!

2010-07-17 15:33:40 by loves2spew

my art has arived check it out peeps!!!!!!!

some "art"

2010-07-14 20:34:26 by loves2spew

some call it art, i call it a master peice

some "art"